Protecting the confidentiality of publicly saved information

Thanks to its network of partners, Domain Privacy Trustee SA (DPT) provides solutions which efficiently protect domain owners against junk mail (both physical and via email) and abusive use of their data.

You will be protected from






Abusive use of your data

Guaranteeing your personal data stays confidential

Domain Privacy’s mission is to ensure that the owners of domain names keep their personal information confidential. Domain Privacy Trustee SA has no ownership rights to the domains, and the client remains the sole rightful owner, with the usual rights and obligations.

Public data

without Domain Privacy:

Without Domain Privacy, the name, email address, telephone number and postal address of the domain owners are accessible to the public via a WHOIS request. This personal data could therefore be taken advantage of by scammers or marketing companies.

Public data

with Domain Privacy:

With Domain Privacy, domain owners’ personal information is replaced with Domain Privacy Trustee SA’s details. It is still possible to contact them via a form which protects from spam and uses robots which protect the owner’s identity.